Anxiety And Depression - Walking Through Anxiety

Could anxiety deepen our relationship with God? This is the central question in this episode as Greg, Brent, Matt, Rebekah, and Katie dive into anxiety and what the Lord could be teaching us through anxiety.

Greg starts the episode by asking the question, "Does the Bible offer practical ways to overcome anxiety?" Katie is quick to point out that there's not a "magic button" to turn anxiety on and off; instead, she says that we should learn how to respond to anxiety in our lives and not think of anxiety as the enemy. Brent adds to this and says that God has to become bigger than the object of our anxiety.

Matt moves the conversation to the importance of knowing who God is - He is a God Who pursues us and He will not abandon us. Brent also brings up that God has adopted us and is a good Father to us just as He was to the Israelites.

As the discussion moves toward the purpose of suffering, Katie brings up Psalm 55. Brent jumps in and references Viktor Frankl's Man Search For Meaning, and Greg mentions how our suffering might help us comfort someone else suffering. Rebekah uses Hebrews 11 and John 15 to show how faith in God can be an anxiety reducer.

From there, the conversation moves into figuring out what to do when we feel God is being silent. Brent references what Crawford Lorrits calls "the gift of struggle." Greg brings up the difference between a stressful situation that is out of your control causing you anxiety, and a sin you are willfully committing causing you anxiety.

Matt and Katie then discuss taking a leap of faith and trusting God even in uncertain times. Rebekah voices that she never promises anything in a counseling session related to an end goal; it's a process, not something that's fixed in a snap. Brent agrees and states that you have to commit to deep reflection and allow space for your spiritual life to grow.

Brent then spends some time digging through Luke 12 Before Katie and Matt talk through some practical social anxiety tools.

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Anxiety And Depression - Walking Through Anxiety
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