Listen to Katie and Matt as they have conversations with the Biblical Life Counseling Team and special guests from our community over topics that deeply matter in the way you relate and respond to all seasons of your life.

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First Episodes

- Welcome to Open Door

Matt and Katie take time to explain where the name Open Door comes from, when listeners can expect episodes, how the topics will be discussed, and what the first serie...

Anxiety And Depression - Understanding Anxiety

When is anxiety healthy and helpful, and when does it cross the line into hurtful? How do I help my children walk through anxious emotions? Is there anything that the ...

Anxiety And Depression - Walking Through Anxiety

Could anxiety deepen our relationship with God? This is the central question in this episode as Greg, Brent, Matt, Rebekah, and Katie dive into anxiety and what the Lo...

Anxiety And Depression - What Is Depression?

Greg is once again joined by Matt, Brent, Rebekah, and Katie as they talk through what depression is, how it affects people, and what the Bible says about depression.

Anxiety And Depression - Walking Through Depression

In their last episode of the series, Greg, Rebekah, Brent, Matt, and Katie talk practical ways of dealing with depression, finding hope in God, and how to help loved o...

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