Anxiety And Depression - Walking Through Depression

In their last episode of the series, Greg, Rebekah, Brent, Matt, and Katie talk practical ways of dealing with depression, finding hope in God, and how to help loved ones who might be struggling with depression.

Rebekah starts the conversation by sharing that depression can lead to loneliness, isolation, and loss of feelings, and how important it is to open up to someone in your life about these things. Katie jumps in and shares something she heard once: Be authentic with all, transparent with some, and vulnerable with few.


Greg then brings up how important it is for us to be honest with and know ourselves. Katie reminds listeners that the Gospel tells you who you are, nothing else does. Brent brings up that a blessing of middle age is that you've had enough time with yourself to start to learn who you are and what makes you feel healthy, including exercise


On the flipside of this, Rebekah points out that depression can lead to you getting stuck on yourself. She references a book by Tim Keller about self-forgetfulness. Brent also says that depression can lead us to deepening our faith if we let it. He references some Scriptures that talk about this, a book by Chip Dodd, and another by Dr. Richard Beck.


Katie transitions into talking about finding hope in the midst of our circumstances, and how it's okay to bring our questions to God because He can handle them.


Matt then begins to discuss how to help people dealing with depression, and how to remind them that there can be a difference between reality and what their emotions are telling them is real. Rebekah emphasizes that listening to someone who's struggling with depression can be the best tool we have. Matt brings up a children's book that his son has that talks about listening. Brent also mentions that suggesting counseling to someone struggling with depression can be intimidating, but extremely helpful and loving. Rebekah brings up the story of Mary and Elizabeth as an example of how important it can be to minister and encourage someone going through something you went through.


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Anxiety And Depression - Walking Through Depression
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